Kellie Gillespie is an interdisciplinary artist based in California practicing and exploring new concepts of sculptural installation. Her work focuses on issues specifically associated with mental health, as well as the concepts of recovery and being a survivor. Motivated by her direct personal experiences, the artist embraces the controversial subject matter of mental illness as she investigates the problematic place it holds in society.

Gillespie specializes in the use of everyday found and forgotten objects in the fabrication of her large-scale sculptures and installations. Through the use of mundane, undervalued materials the artist explores the symbolism in that which is neglected and disregarded as it pertains to those who are labeled by society as unworthy and damaged. Gillespie‚Äôs artwork aims to portray; the potential in that which is considered broken, the value in that which is considered worthless, and the importance in that which is considered forgotten.