Scarred. 2017. 96 x 115 x 3 inches. Used salad cups, thread.

A visual statement addressing the controversial topic of eating disorders in today’s society, as well as the internal and external damage they cause.
The deliberate process of single-handedly washing each cup emphasized the importance of the material itself and my choice subject matter. The layout and pattern of the liner lines on the wall replicate an exact map of the self-harm scars residing on my own thighs. ‘Relinquishing all control to the unchangeable pattern marking my skin, I embraced my vulnerability as I allowed my biggest insecurity to dictate the success and vitality of the piece, both aesthetically and functionally.'
"I mapped out my scars for the world to see and for the first time, they were called 'beautiful.' And in that moment, my legs no longer made me ashamed, but rather proud of the story they told."

2018 SSU BFA Exhibition