Re-Connected *In Progress*

Reconnected (Commission in progress)

Proposal and Progress updates for New Commission,
2018 Sculpture for Keker, Van Nest, & Peters LLP.


‘Reconnected’ will demonstrate both beauty as well as intense and significant meaning, opening up a dialogue between those who view it and a subject of high importance. This piece will be site-specific, and therefore, will dynamically and perfectly fit the designated location. The intrinsic nature of the work will be truly awe-inspiring and will demand attention from those who experience it. The art piece will embody the overall subject and notion of mental health in both a simplistic and subtle way. This piece, through its inherent and fluid existence, will also allow for own personal interpretation as well as allow viewers to project their own thoughts and desires into it. ‘Reconnected’ will truly be a valuable and influential addition to the amazing collection at Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP.

Working Model

Location Site

Preliminary Sketches